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Hi! I’m a Delivery Robot. I work as a robot courier. I’m reliable for businesses and safe for the community.

I’m totally autonomous. And this helps make cost-effective deliveries. This is how I navigate:

I’m roomy. My hatch can hold six 42 cm (16.5 in) pizzas and three 1.5 liter (0.4 gal) bottles.

I like any weather, 24/7. I work in any condition: sun, rain, or snow.

I’m ready to scale. Assembled at the factory, I have no limits in the number of robots to be deployed.

I care. I’m polite on the road, always keep my distance and don’t collect any private data.

I'm state-of-the-art from head to toe.


I have been designed with a strong focus on ensuring safe and efficient delivery. Among my advantages, I feature a 360-view sensor set, a reliable compute unit, and an optimized energy consumption system. All this contribute to my ability to navigate complex environments and adapt to various situations.

My in-house developed lidar is specifically designed for robots like me who need to operate at any time of day and under various weather conditions. It enables me to see objects from up to 60 meters (200 feet) away, regardless of lighting conditions.

Cameras enable me to perceive colors, providing crucial and helpful details about my surroundings. This ability allows me to recognize traffic light signals and differentiate between a regular car and an emergency vehicle. Additionally, I continuously cross-validate the information I receive from various sensors, ensuring that I have the most accurate insights for making well-informed decisions.

As an autonomous delivery robot navigating public roads, I encounter a bustling environment filled with pedestrians, cyclists, kids on scooters, dogs, and more. My ultrasonic sensors ensure functional safety, allowing me to react instantly if someone or something suddenly appears in front of me.

Every second I perform millions of calculations to ensure safe and efficient driving. My compute unit is powerful and operates efficiently across a wide range of temperatures, ensuring optimal performance whether it’s scorching hot or below freezing outside.

I rely on top-notch sensors and computers, which, in turn, depend on a reliable power source. My easy-to-replace battery ensures that I always have enough energy to operate. But even on a single battery I can work for up to 10-12 hours.

Safety first

3 sensor levels

I have three sensor levels for any kind of situation. Lidar enables me to accurately detect objects even in the dark. Cameras provide the ability to identify traffic light signals. And with ultrasonic sensors, I am capable of halting immediately should an unexpected object appear in my path. Collisions with people and obstacles are out of the question.


I do not gather any personal data. My cameras blur faces and license plates, ensuring your privacy. The only information I possess are the pickup and delivery locations of the order. My only aim is to complete the task swiftly. Whether it’s a piping hot burger or a refreshing smoothie, I strive to deliver your order in its best possible condition for your enjoyment.


I can handle any kind of marked crosswalk fully autonomously. I can see cars and traffic lights, so I can cross the roads safely. As I am not an ordinary pedestrian, I customarily yield the right of way to vehicles. However, I am capable of discerning when a driver is permitting me to cross the road. I value such courtesy and strive to make my interactions with drivers safe and seamless.

I can start delivering for you within a week


Seamless integration

My platform can easily integrate with existing operations


No manuals needed

No training or extra staff needed — it’s that easy


Better every day

Delivery efficiency improves over time


AI-grade accuracy

Goods are delivered safely to the exact location

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Ready to scale

160+ robots

a new one coming out of the factory every day

200K deliveries

for our clients in 5 countries

-30° to +55°С

delivering in any temperature and in any weather







8 km/h (5 mph)

50 km (31 mi) on one charge


Max Cargo Weight

Max Cargo Length

Max Cargo Width

Max Cargo Height


25 kg (55 lb)

495 mm (19.4 in)

400 mm (15.7 in)

275 mm (10.8 in)

1 to 6 compartments





Height with flag

860 mm (33.8 in)

684 mm (26.9 in)

805 mm (31.6 in)

1178 mm (46.3 in)


–  Wireless charger

–  Swappable battery

–  All-weather operations

–  Suspension ready for 6'' obstacles

–  Animated human-like emotions

–  Unique audio notifications

–  Water resistance IP66

Frequently Asked Quiestions

What exactly is this device?

It is a state-of-the-art, six-wheeled autonomous delivery robot. It has the capability to move at speeds between 5-8 kph (3-5 mph) and is engineered to navigate sidewalks, pedestrian-friendly zones, and crosswalks. Its compact size, similar to a piece of hand luggage, allows it to reach locations that traditional vehicles can’t access.

Can the robot navigate without human intervention?

Absolutely. Avride autonomous delivery robots are built with the same advanced self-driving technology that powers the company’s line of autonomous cars. However, this technology has been specifically adapted for slow-speed navigation on pedestrian pathways. The robots are equipped with an extensive array of sensors, including lidars, cameras, and ultrasonic, which provide them with a comprehensive understanding of their immediate surroundings. This enables them to identify and react to vehicles, pedestrians, and even animals, as well as to plan the most efficient and safest route in real-time.

What types of items are these robots capable of delivering?

Our robots can handle a wide variety of delivery needs, from restaurant food orders to grocery shopping and online retail purchases. They are specifically designed to accommodate small to medium-sized packages, making them perfect for moving items from one location to another with ease and efficiency.

How do I go about using a robot for delivery?

If you’re in an area where our service is available, you can make use of one of the compatible apps that facilitate robotic delivery. Once you’ve placed an order through the app, a robot is dispatched to pick up your items and deliver them to your specified location. You’ll receive a notification when the robot has arrived, and you can then unlock its secure cargo compartment using the 'Unlock' button within the app.

Do these robots have limitations with regard to weather conditions?

Our robots are robust and built to operate in a wide range of weather conditions. They can function efficiently in moderate rain and snow, both day and night. Additionally, their navigation capabilities allow them to handle low curbs and roadway features like speed bumps.

Are these robots capable of crossing busy roads safely?

Yes, safety is a priority for us. Our robots have the ability to recognize and interpret traffic light signals. They are equipped with sensors to detect the speed and direction of approaching vehicles. Utilizing this data, they make real-time decisions on whether it’s safe to proceed across the road or if waiting for a more opportune moment is advisable.

Is there a human team on-site controlling these robots?

While our delivery robots are primarily autonomous and navigate themselves to pick-up and drop-off points, we do have a dedicated remote support team. These team members have the ability to control the robots remotely if an extraordinary situation arises that requires human intervention.

Do these robots need constant monitoring?

No, there is no need for continuous oversight. Our robots are designed to handle most challenges autonomously.

How safe are these delivery robots?

Avride delivery robots are engineered with safety as a top priority. They are programmed to have a maximum speed limit of 8 kmh (5 mph) to minimize any possible impact. Equipped with advanced sensors, these robots can identify obstacles, vehicles, and pedestrians from a considerable distance and are capable of stopping immediately if an unexpected object appears in their path.

What happens if the robot encounters a problem or malfunctions?

In the unlikely event that one of our robots gets stuck or experiences a breakdown, it will send a signal to a remote operator for assistance. Our support team will then assess the situation and provide the necessary guidance to resolve the issue and get the robot back on track.

How are these robots safeguarded against vandalism or theft?

The cargo compartment of each delivery robot is securely locked and can only be opened by the intended recipient through a mobile app. If anyone attempts unauthorized access or tries to steal the robot, it triggers an alert to our remote operator. The operator will immediately connect to the robot’s sensory feed to evaluate the situation and take appropriate action to secure it.

Are there specific regulations governing the use of these robots?

Avride strictly adheres to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations in the markets where we operate. This includes compliance with import, export, and trade-related laws. Furthermore, all our robots are insured to protect against unexpected risks, ensuring that all consequences of potential incidents are adequately covered.

Do your robots store any personal information such as payment details or delivery addresses?

No, Avride focuses solely on logistics and does not have access to any personal information. We only receive data related to the pick-up and drop-off locations, which are not tied to any personal details. Any sensor data that is collected and stored in a cloud service is anonymized and can only be accessed by a select group of authorized engineers for the sole purpose of improving the technology.

How can I request that your robots service my area for takeaway orders?

If you’re interested in having our robotic delivery service in your neighborhood, please reach out to us through our contact form. We’ll evaluate the feasibility of extending our services to your area.

If you have additional questions or need further clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you better understand how our cutting-edge delivery robots are transforming logistics and making deliveries more efficient and convenient for everyone.

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