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Testing our cars in various countries exposes us to a wide range of challenging conditions. Rain and snow, heat and cold, narrow side streets, bustling metropolitan avenues, and more — all encountered over 10 million miles of real-world mileage.


Precise positioning

Safe driving requires an autonomous vehicle to accurately determine its position on the road with centimeter-level precision. Our vehicles do not rely solely on GPS signals, which can be imprecise in metropolitan areas or even lost in tunnels and parking lots. Instead, they utilize lidar localization through special 3D maps we create. Our automatic mapping system helps us instantly update these maps in case of any significant changes, ensuring they remain current.

Resilient perception

Thanks to the sensor set configuration, our vehicles collect an enormous amount of information about the surrounding objects, including their speeds, accelerations, directions of movement, and much more. State-of-the-art perception algorithms fuse the data from all sensors and analyze it to get even more information. They recognize and classify objects so the system can better predict their behavior.

With years of rigorous testing in challenging weather conditions, our perception algorithms can maintain a high level of performance, ensuring safe and efficient navigation even when visibility is significantly compromised.

Versatile forecasting

We develop our prediction models based on the millions of miles driven by our autonomous cars worldwide and the extensive experience they have gained. To anticipate the intentions of cars, cyclists, pedestrians, and delivery robots, our vehicles analyze all aspects of the current road situation and prior events. Our neural networks are designed to be scalable, ensuring robust performance in various conditions, including different weather or traffic in new cities.

Intelligent navigation

After processing information about the vehicle’s position, surrounding objects, and their intentions, the system plans the route accordingly. It considers all details, including the friction coefficient, to select the optimal speed, accelerations, and trajectories for the current road situation and driving conditions. Our focus is not only on safety but also on the comfort of our passengers and other road users, ensuring smooth interactions within the overall traffic flow.

Designing the system from top to bottom


We equip our cars with sensor sets that provide a 360-view for several hundred meters ahead in various conditions: at night, in rain or snow.

Four proprietary developed lidars provide the system with the geometry of nearby objects and exact distances to them.

Six radars detect approaching vehicles up to 300 meters (1000 feet) away and determine their speeds.

Over a dozen of cameras developed in-house supplement the system object semantics, such as colors, while also detecting signals from other vehicles and traffic lights.

A specialized computing device, comparable in power to server-grade hardware is seamlessly and safely integrated into the car, turning it into a compact data processing center.

Proprietary hardware

We have designed our proprietary lidars and cameras specifically to match our technology needs and bring benefits that can not be achieved through third-party sensors.

Avride’s autonomous vehicles are equipped with the company’s proprietary lidar systems. The central lidar, with a range of over 300 meters (1000 feet) and a resolution of 0.1 degrees, allows for a distant understanding of who or what is approaching the vehicle. However, knowing what’s immediately around the vehicle is even more crucial. The side lidars with no blind spots, provide the system with detailed information about even small objects within a 50-meter (160 feet) radius.

Sensor cleaning

Vehicle’s sensors are equipped with both physical cleaning system and special software that filters precipitation, fog, and other interference. This enhances the visibility of objects and obstacles around the vehicle and allows it to get the most comprehensive picture of the world around and ensures maximum safety.

Avride autonomous cars

We are all about safety

Our autonomous cars are designed to be safer than a human driver. With a 360-view of the surroundings, they never get tired or distracted and never violate the rules. No average driver in their entire life could drive so many miles and learn from such a large array of data as autonomous cars can. We are confident that our universal and scalable autonomous driving technology can reduce the number of road accidents and make the roads safer for everyone.