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Universal driver

Operating under diverse conditions worldwide: from snowy Michigan winters to blistering Israeli summers, from high speed highways to busy and hectic city streets.

Avride Universal driver
Avride Multiple platforms

Multiple platforms

Our autonomous cars and delivery robots share the same innovative solutions, which we adapt to each platform, enabling them to learn from one another and continually improve.

At your service

Over 250 000 customers have already enjoyed a smooth ride in robotaxis powered by our technology or contactless delivery by our robots.

Avride At your service

Proprietary hardware

All our autonomous vehicles employ in-house hardware, customized to enhance our proprietary technology. Our lidars, cameras, computational hardware, and other components not only expand the capabilities of our autonomous driving system but also increase its redundancy.

Avride autonomous cars

We are all about safety

Our autonomous cars are designed to be safer than a human driver. With a 360-view of the surroundings, they never get tired or distracted and never violate the rules. No average driver in their entire life could drive so many miles and learn from such a large array of data as autonomous cars can. We are confident that our universal and scalable autonomous driving technology can reduce the number of road accidents and make the roads safer for everyone.